The standard ensemble configuration for events is a string quartet, comprised of two violins, one viola and one cello.

The Rosewood Ensemble may be booked in other configurations such as a string trio or string duo upon request. Our newest Ensemble adds string bass to the quartet for a very full, rich sound! Trumpet, piano, harp, guitar and/or vocalist(s) may be added for an additional fee, if desired. We will be happy to assist you in deciding what kind of ensemble suits your event needs. In addition to a professional performance at your special event, we will provide guidance and consultation as you choose the musical selections for your wedding or party.

string quartet
Photo by Will Jackson
String Quartet - Classical

(two violins, viola and cello)

Our most popular ensemble, the string quartet has our largest available classical repertoire: Vivaldi and Bach through Mozart and Beethoven , Brahms and Copland and many others. This Ensemble also has the widest variety of popular and contemporary music: jazz standards, movie and show tunes through today’s current popular artists. Listen

electric quartet music for weddings and special events
String Quartet - Electric

(two violins, viola and cello)

We’ve taken our most popular ensemble and turned it electric. From classical to contemporary, this twist on the traditional adds a new dimension to any special event including weddings, receptions, private parties, and corporate events. Listen

string quintet
Photo by A. Stein
String Quintet

(string quartet with added bass or piano)

Our newest offering with a fuller, exciting sound, this group is a great choice for large gatherings and venues. The repertoire is similar to that of the string quartet (see above).

trio ensemble
Photo by Tim Burns
String Trio

(violin, viola and cello)

A popular alternative for smaller venues and budgets. The trio is a more intimate sound and works well for smaller occasions. Repertoire is ever-expanding and versatile. This is a particularly good choice for classically-oriented events.

duo ensemble
Photo by Nicole Welch
String Duo

(violin and cello)

A good solution for very small weddings or events. Repertoire is primarily classical in nature.

harp solo instruments
Solo Instrument

(harp, piano, violin, cello, guitar)

Solo piano or harp are often chosen for cocktail hour or receptions as they truly enhance these types of occasions with their unique ambiance. The solo string instruments work well for smaller church or similar venues. Listen to guitar instrumental.

Additional configurations include:

Trumpet with Strings

This is a fabulous addition to our quartet or trio for weddings. The celebratory sound of the trumpet for wedding Processionals and Recessionals is truly memorable.

quartet with vocalist

Adding one of our professional vocalists/cantors will enhance your ceremony through the power of lyrics. Ave Maria, Panis Angelicus and The Prayer are just some of our most requested songs.