Throughout our over 12 years of experience providing music for weddings and parties, we’ve come up with some answers to common questions that arise during the planning process. If you don’t see the answer or answers you’re looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments. We look forward to hearing from you.

I don't know much about music. Will you help me choose the music for my event?

Absolutely, yes. We are dedicated to guiding our clients through the sometimes overwhelming world of Classical Music. We have many years of experience performing for Weddings, Receptions, corporate and private parties and are knowledgeable as to what parts of Weddings and other events need music and which pieces might work. We will walk you through the music selection process step-by step. Our demonstration CD is a good place to start and our music repertoire is extensive and well-organized and contains many beautiful and unique arrangements not heard elsewhere. Our in-house arranger will create a string quartet arrangement of just about anything you might desire. We will offer you as much or as little direction as you desire in this process.

What instruments are in the Rosewood Ensemble?

The Rosewood Ensemble’s most popular configuration is the String Quartet, which is comprised of two violins, viola and cello. In general, the string quartet produces the fullest, richest sound. The Ensemble is also available as a string quintet, (double bass with the traditional quartet) , a string trio, (one violin, viola and cello), or string duo. You may want to include other instruments (such as trumpet, piano, harp, organ, guitar) or vocalist (s) either added to the one of these ensembles or alone. Sometimes a solo piano or solo guitar may your simplest solution. We would be happy to help you choose which Ensemble best suits the event you are planning.

What kind of music does the Rosewood Ensemble perform?

The Rosewood Ensemble has the most extensive library in the area, containing the music of Bach, Mozart, Vivaldi and Handel through myriad jazz standards, show tunes, movie music, the Beatles, and the most current, contemporary rock and pop songs.

How do the musicians dress?

The dress is formal, unless otherwise requested: formal black concert attire. We feel it is important to dress as formally as you will for your event.

How do I book the Rosewood Ensemble for my event?

Please contact us for availability, pricing and to request a complimentary CD. When you decide that you would like to hire the Rosewood Ensemble, we will send you a written contract that will define the details of what we provide for your event. You will then return one copy of the signed contract along with a fifty percent deposit. The other fifty percent is due on the day of the event or before. Once we have a signed contract, the date is yours.

Will the Rosewood Ensemble play outdoors?

Yes. Our only concern is the safety of our instruments and the ability to provide quality music. This means we must be in full shade (a covering is preferable) and there must be NO precipitation.

What do you require at the venue?

We will need four straight-backed, armless chairs and an area approximately 10’x10′.

Do you perform at receptions as well as ceremonies?

Yes, we often play during cocktails, dinners and receptions. We play a wide variety of musical styles, appropriate for any occasion. We also provide a great solo pianist for background music to any event or rehearsal.

My Wedding Ceremony and Reception are at two different locations. Will the Rosewood Ensemble play for both and how do you charge for playing in two different venues like that?

The Rosewood Ensemble charges for the full length of the job, including the travel time between the venues if there are two. If there is more than one hour between the Ceremony and the Reception, they may need to be booked separately. Please call for more information.

Should I have music before my Ceremony?

The Rosewood Ensemble will play for 30 minutes prior to the start of the Ceremony. This provides beautiful music and sets the mood as your guests arrive and wait for the Ceremony to begin.

Does the Rosewood Ensemble charge a travel fee for venues outside of the metropolitan St. Louis area?

Yes, we charge a fee for travel outside the area. It is calculated from West County. Please call for more information.

Should I have music before my Ceremony?

The Rosewood Ensemble will play for 30 minutes prior to the start of the Ceremony. This provides beautiful music and sets the mood as your guests arrive and wait for the Ceremony to begin.

Do I need to choose the music for the Prelude?

It is not necessary for you to choose all of the music for the Prelude. If you have some specific requests for the prelude music, we would be happy to play those pieces. Otherwise, we will select the music from our repertoire , based on the type of ambiance you wish to create.

How many pieces should I choose for the Processional?

For a Christian or non-denominational Wedding, there are usually three separate pieces played. One for the entrance of the mothers (and/or grandparents), one for the bridal party and finally, one for the bride. We will be happy to help you choose those pieces.

For a Jewish Wedding, often there are two pieces played: one for the Rabbi, family elders, the groom and his parents and another for the entrance of the bride and her parents.

How will you know when to start the Processional music?

We will need a signal from either a representative at the venue, a wedding coordinator or an usher. We will consult with that person before the Ceremony to confirm the plans.

Do we need to know how long the music will be in order to time our entrances?

No, you can leave that up to us. We are very experienced with ending the music at just the right time. We will just need to know how many people are processing to each piece of music.

Can I have music during the Ceremony?

During a Christian Ceremony there is often room for a short selection of music: after readings, during the lighting of the Unity Candle presentation of flowers to the mothers, and of course, during Communion or parts of the Mass. We recommend asking your officiant about these selections, as some pieces are more appropriate than others.

During a Jewish Ceremony, generally there is no music from the string quartet. Often the cantor will sing.

How many pieces do I choose for the Recessional?

In general, there would be one piece performed during the exit of the entire Wedding party and another one or two pieces as your guests leave the venue. We will assist you in choosing the Recessional music for the Wedding party and we can select the pieces to follow, if you like.

When should we select the music?

We recommend that you consult with us at least once before you meet with your officiant so that we can help you formulate some questions to ask them about the music for the Ceremony. Our Wedding Questionnaire, which we will send you, is very helpful to both of us. It is preferable to have the music chosen approximately one month prior to the Ceremony. We also recommend sharing a proof of your program with us so that we can ensure that the pieces and the composer’s names are spelled correctly.

If I hire the Rosewood Ensemble, do I need to use the church organist? I am paying for the organist with the church fee …

You do not need to use an organist if you hire the Rosewood Ensemble, however if you are already paying for the organist with your church fee, we would be happy to work with them. There are a number of musical arrangements that we can play together during the Ceremony, creating a beautiful, large orchestral sound. Additionally, people are accustomed to singing the parts of the Mass with organ so there may be more audience/congregation participation in singing if these parts are played by the organist/vocalist. We would be happy to play the parts of the Wedding Mass, however if you choose not to hire the organist.

Will you perform with guest instrumentalists or singers?

Yes, we will be happy to communicate with them directly to work out the musical details. We also have a number of both singers and other instrumentalists that we work with regularly, if you need for us to find someone for you.

Do you need to rehearse with the guest instrumentalists or singers?

Yes, usually we can arrange to meet early at the venue on the day of the Wedding. The amount of time needed will depend on the music chosen. On some occasions an additional rehearsal is necessary. A fee will apply for rehearsal time. Please inquire for additional details.

There is a special piece of music that I would like to have performed at my Wedding? Can you play it?

Yes, even if it is not currently in our repertoire, we would be happy to create an arrangement for the Ensemble to play. An additional fee for this service will apply.

Do we need to meet in person for our consultation?

It is not necessary to meet in person. All details can addressed by phone or email. However, if you prefer an in-person meeting, we would be happy to arrange one.

Will you attend the Wedding rehearsal?

It is not necessary for us to attend the rehearsal. We are experienced in timing the music to the right length. If you would like one of us to attend the rehearsal, this can be arranged (please inquire about this service). We do recommend that you share a recording of the music you have chosen with your bridal party so that they can familiarize themselves with the music to which they will be walking.

What type of events do you typically play for?

The Rosewood Ensemble plays for most any event that needs music, including Corporate events, holiday parties, open houses, award ceremonies, dinners, and many others. The Rosewood Ensemble adds a touch of elegance, sophistication and class to any such event. Some of our many clients include the United States Navy, Washington University, Teach for America, and the St. Louis Art Fair.

What type of music is generally done at these events?

We have the widest and most varied repertoire in the area. Generally we choose from a light mix of standards and contemporary music. Our extensive repertoire list will give you a great idea of what you may hear. You may choose from this list, or simply leave the selection up to us. We have great experience with these types of events.

What is required for you to play?

We need an approximately 10’ x 10’ area, straight backed chairs, and access to electricity for stand lights, if needed.

What is the standard event length that you play for?

We have a one-hour minimum, but generally play for 2 hours for events such as these. Please contact us for more information.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept checks and work with PayPal. We do not currently accept credit cards. We have a Federal Tax ID number for your accounting purposes.